THE HELLENIZING MUSE (Venecia, 30-31 de agosto)


(Venice, Aug 30th-31st, 2018)

We are pleased to announce that a workshop on poems written in ancient Greek from the 15th century to the present will take place in Venice, Italy (Ca’ Foscari University) on Aug. 30th-31st, 2018. 

The enclosed programme includes the scholars involved in the international project The Hellenizing Muse directed by Filippomaria Pontani (Ca’ Foscari University) and Stefan Weise (Bergische Universität Wuppertal): each scholar or team will present a couple of case-studies from the respective geographical area. The mid-term goal of this project is to publish an anthology of “neualtgriechische Gedichte”, to which each national équipe will contribute a chapter.

All welcome (no registration fee). 
For further information, please contact:

Aug. 30th, 14.30 – 18.30
(Aula Morelli, Malcanton-Marcorà, Ca’ Foscari Univ., Venice)

Kostas Yiavis, Yerasimos Zoras: Greece
Filippomaria Pontani: Italy
Filippomaria Pontani: Spain and Portugal
Luigi-Alberto Sanchi (J.-M. Flamand, R. Menini): France
Han Lamers, Raf Van Rooy: Low Countries

Aug. 31st, 9 – 13
(Aula Baratto, Ca’ Foscari Univ., Venice)

Martin Steinrück, Janika Päll: Switzerland
Martin Korenjak: Austria
András Németh, Farkas Kiss: Hungary
Stefan Weise, Thomas Gärtner: Germany
Marcela Sláviková: Czech Republic

Aug. 31st, 14.30 – 18.30 
(Aula Baratto, Ca’ Foscari Univ., Venice)

Vlado Rezar: Balkan CountriesTomas Veteikis: Poland and LithuaniaElena Ermolaeva: RussiaJanika Päll (Johanna Akujärvi, Tua Korhonen, Erkki Sironen): Northern CountriesThomas Gärtner, Stefan Weise: Great Britain

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