Conferencia del Instituto Séneca (UC3M): «The Lives of the Codex Iustinianus»

Este viernes (19 de mayo) a las 11 h. tendrá lugar la comunicación del profesor Simon Corcoran (Newcastle University) en el Instituto Séneca de la Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, con el título que os hemos indicado en la cabecera de esta entrada. Os dejamos a continuación el resumen y la dirección para todos aquellos que queráis ir:

In the light of the new English translation of the Codex Iustinianus published in 3 volumes by Cambridge University Press (2016), this paper will explore the history of the Code and its text from the creation of the two successive Code editions issued in 529 and 534 down to the present day. This includes the use of the Code in teaching and practice in the empire, and the subsequent the fate of the Code and its manuscripts in both east and west, which meant that the Code did not survive intact, while a revised “Vulgate” became standard in the western medieval Civil Law tradition. Then there is the story of the recreation of the text in the early modern period leading down to the now classic editions by Krüger (both 1877). Finally, there will be consideration of the translation of the Code into English by Judge Blume of Wyoming and how this has been edited into the new Cambridge translation.

Aula 4.0.19, Edificio Gómez de la Serna
Calle Madrid 126 – 28903 GETAFE (Madrid)

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