Database of Byzantine Book Epigrams. Official launch

 Me limito a transcribir el mensaje del equipo de la Universidad de Gante que ha acompañado al lanzamiento de esta utilísima base datos de epigramas bizantinos relacionados con los libros.
Dear colleagues and friends,

We are delighted to announce the official launch of the Database of Byzantine Book Epigrams (DBBE), freely accessible at Hosted by Ghent University, this database seeks to collect all book epigrams (or: metrical paratexts) found in Greek manuscripts up to 1500.

You can search our corpus for a specific epigram or browse through it by a number of parameters such as date and type of manuscript. The information provided is based on catalogues, scholarly publications as well as our own consultation of manuscripts. We sincerely hope that DBBE will be of use for classicists and Byzantinists, literary scholars, linguists, palaeographers, art historians, and anyone generally interested in medieval manuscript culture.

Please be aware that this is a beta release. We are constantly including new data and working hard to guarantee the accuracy of the information provided. Moreover, we are counting on your feedback in order to improve and expand our database. Comments, corrections as well as suggestions for the inclusion of new material will be warmly welcomed and duly acknowledged.  

We wish you an inspiring journey through the wondrous world of Byzantine book epigrams.

For the whole DBBE team (,

Floris Bernard

Marc De Groote

Kristoffel Demoen

Ilse De Vos

Mark Janse

Rachele Ricceri

Dimitrios Skrekas

Maria Tomadaki

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