Petition for the salvage of the Byzantine crossroad in Thessaloniki, Greece

Remitimos a continuación el mensaje que Melina Paisidou, de la Universidad Aristóteles de Tesalónica, nos ha hecho llegar a través de nuestro vocal Manuel Castiñeiras en relación a la situación administrativa de un importante hallazgo arqueológico que se ha hecho en la ciudad con las obras del metro. Os pedimos que si compartís el sentimiento firméis la petición (enlazada al final) y la hagáis circular.

Dear colleagues,

I am addressing this e-mail to you in order to inform you that once
again the monumental byzantine vestiges in the centre of Thessaloniki, which have been revealed during the Metro excavations are menaced, since the new government has decided to change the previous plans of their in situ maintenance and to move them away.
A petition has started, simultaneously with press releases, workshops and lectures in order to support the in situ maintenance of the byzantine crossroad in Thessaloniki (an archaeological site of almost 1400 square meters). We need the support of the international scientific community. Up tp now we have gathered 12.000 signatures and 15 resolutions from commitees, university departments, schools and societies, among them the ICOMOS. The support from the colleagues from Spain would be much precious.

I send you the link of our petition with the kind request to sign and
propagate it.

I am grateful for your support.

With my cordial regards,

Melina Paisidou
Associate Professor in Byzantine Archaeology
Vice president of the Department of History and Archaeology
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

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