Recortes presupuestarios en la Academia de Ciencias austríaca

Os remito el mensaje que nos ha hecho llegar Claudia Rapp, directora de la sección bizantina de la Academia de Ciencias de Austria. Pide nuestro apoyo para protestar por los recortes presupuestarios de la institución y de la ciencia austríaca en general.

Dear Colleagues,

we weathered the crisis of 2011, not least thanks to the outpouring of
support from our colleagues world-wide, the scholarly work and the
projects of the Division of Byzantine Research continue to make good
progress: <>

there is a renewed threat: the financial crisis which the state of
Austria is facing may not leave the Academy of Sciences unaffected.
There is a very real prospect that the Academy will be forced to scale
down its activities and consider layoffs, unless adequate allocations
are made in the budget that the new government is drawing up by the end
of April.

You can support the cause of scholarship and research in Austria by signing this petition: <>

With sincere thanks for your interest and support,

Claudia Rapp
Director, Division of Byzantine Research, Institute for Medieval Studies, Austrian Academy of Sciences

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