Third CEMS International Graduate Conference
Budapest, May 31–June 1, 2013
Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies (CEMS) at Central European
University, and its junior members are proud to announce the forthcoming
third International Graduate Conference on “Tradition and
Transformation: Dissent and Consent in the Mediterranean,” Budapest, May
31–June 1, 2013. This two–day conference intends to explore a broad
spectrum of aspects regarding the appropriation and transformation of
cultural and religious traditions that informed the spiritual and
intellectual struggles and changes in the Mediterranean from Late
Antiquity to the Early Modern period. Taking into account the dynamic
sociohistorical setting of religious and cultural processes, it seeks to
approach the manner in which the permanently competing communities
questioned, structured and performed their own beliefs and religious
practices by disclosing heresies and shaping their orthodoxies.
vast dimensions of the intellectual and religious concord and strife
between, but also within, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, which shaped
their traditions and unveiled their dissenting interpretations, commend
a persistent and multifaceted interdisciplinary research. Graduate
students of Late Antique, Islamic, Jewish, Byzantine, Western Medieval,
Ottoman studies as well as students in the field of philosophy,
theology, history of religion, sociology of religion, anthropology,
etc., are invited to present their research on particular themes that
reflect and address the complex formation and development of cultural,
intellectual and religious identities in the Mediterranean.
submit by March 25, 2013 a short abstract (300 words or less) together
with a paragraph about your affiliation and academic/research interests,
using the abstract submission form. For further information please contact the organizers at
Possible topics for papers might include, but are not limited to:
• Hellenic paideia and philosophy
• Late Antique monotheisms
• ‘Pagan,’ Christian, Jewish, Muslim controversies and polemics
• “authoritative” authors/texts, exegesis and the (re)writing of the past
• tensions between Word and Image and transformations of religious identity
• oral traditions as agents of dissent/consent
• religious persecution and martyrdom, strategies of resistance and dissent
• political power and religious debates
• witchcraft and magic
• networks and the diffusion of orthodoxies/heresies
• religious dissent and gender
• warfare and religion: bellum iustum and bellum sacrum
• the making and unmaking of elites in the changing religious landscape
• comparative and theoretical approaches to concepts of ‘heresy,’ ‘heterodoxy’ and ‘orthodoxy’
conference committee aims at publishing a selection of interrelated
papers, chosen both by quality and relevance to the theme of the
conference, in one of the forthcoming issues of CEU Late Antique, Byzantine and Ottoman Studies series published by CEU Press.
Plenary speakers
Albrecht Berger (Ludwig Maximilians University)
• Philip Wood (Aga Khan University, London)
Accommodation and Travel Grants
Accommodation for the participants will be provided at the CEU Residence Center.
To encourage participation from a wide range of individuals and
institutions, a small number of travel grants will be available to
assist in partially covering travel expenses for participants with
limited institutional support. Those who wish to be considered should
include an additional justification in the relevant section of the abstract submission form.

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